How Hard Is It To Install A Stairlift In Your Home?

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If you have been struggling to get up and down the stairs, you might have given some thought to having a stairlift. However, it is also possible you may have thought such a thing is impossible for your home, or could only be carried out over a long time, with great disruption.

Such notions could put you off, but they should not. There are many stairlifts in Leeds that have been fitted to curved staircases, narrow staircases, broad staircases, in old homes and new homes alike.

As the UK Care Guide notes, the problem with many homes is narrow staircases. However, as long as they are at least 73 cm wide, it is possible to fit one, which means all but a few will be suitable. Often these are adjusted stairlifts with more features that can be folded away or compressed to ensure able-bodied people can still walk up and down the stairs.

Checkatrade has produced its own guide to dealing with various potential questions about fitting stairlifts. It does note, for example, that the walls need to be structurally strong enough to deal with the weight, so the tradesperson will need to check this ahead of installation.

All being well, the actual installation can be done in a single day’s job. The Checkatrade guide states that it takes eight hours for curved stairs and 3.5 hours for straight stairs. It also notes that stairlifts can be installed on outside stairs such as on patios and porches, with this again taking an average of 3.5 hours. These will, as you would expect, need to be weather-proofed.

These points show that nobody should ever just assume that they cannot have a stairlift fitted in their home, or that the process will be too hard or protracted. You could be just a few hour’s work away from having a much easier climb up and down your stairs.